About the Global Kindness Program

In partnership with The Fox Family Foundation, we support work that focuses on developing understanding, empathy, and compassion in the world. We believe empowering individuals who recognize and realize the power that they hold as agents of change typically continue striving for good, and their impact ripples out into the world in a myriad of positive ways.

Program Objectives

Support Kindness

Support projects that spark joy and connectedness through acts of kindness

Promote Empathy

Nurture opportunities that promote cross-cultural empathy, connection, and tolerance

Build Commonality

Build commonality to foster in people the ability to recognize sameness and reduce othering

What Can $1,000 Do in the Global Animal Advocacy Program?

Here are some examples:


Number of bathroom stalls painted with positive messages of kindness and inspiration by students, community members, and artists in the Dr. Hector P. Garcia Middle School in Texas


Julie Minnis
Project: HGMS Kindness Club Motivational Messages Project

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Number of children that experienced the satisfaction that comes from acts of charity and kindness to others through activities including creating care packages for soldiers and helping elders and animals in need


Jennifer Einhorn & Laura Reiss
Project: The Samaritans365 Foundation

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Number of bookmarks attached to a dollar bill created by students at North Branch School to put in library books to encourage and reward readers in Virginia


Katrien Vance
Project: Dollar Bill Bookmarks

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“This was one of the first grants that supported our work to build a space for young Southeast Asian people in San Jose. It allowed us to build the foundations for a community that is inclusive in regards to racial, sexual, gender, and class identity.”

— Tuấn ĐinhJanelle, Ba Trieu School Of Consciousness, San Jose, CA, USA

How To Apply For A Grant In This Program

This program is currently at capacity and therefore closed. However, we still encourage you to apply for a grant as we often accept project applications relating to these objectives through our general seed grant program.

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