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This winter, we gave an additional $200,000 to 71 of our best projects all over the world.


Ray Guzman – Viko Nùù Nduva Oaxaqueño Festivities

Oaxaqueños are known to work in the agriculture industry but they are not known for their artistic side. The most important goal for this exhibition is to empower the youth, and to teach them the values of our culture and to show the elders that we have not forgotten where we come from even if we are in another country.


Putali Nepal

Putali Nepal provides information and resources on menstrual hygiene management (MHM) to individuals, schools, activists as well as organisations that work with girls, women and communities in the WASH sector. They introduced the Menstrupedia Comic, a friendly guide about periods developed in India as well as Ruby Cup, a menstrual cup produced from high quality medical-grade silicon as a healthy and sustainable way to deal with periods to Nepal.


Mona Yadav and Purvi Yadav – Sahas Foundation

Sahas Foundation aims to provide knowledge building for adolescents on the issues of gender, sexuality and reproductive health. This project helps to resolve the gap in the existing education system, where there are no safe spaces for children to ask questions about their lives, have difficult conversations on tabooed issues such as periods, sex, child sexual abuse and gender issues.


Maya Diaz-Villalta – Naturalmente Indigena

 Naturalmente Indigena is a youth-led project that aims to organize activities to maintain our connection to Mother Earth, indigenous ceremony, and promoting advocacy and awareness of environmental and indigenous causes. Naturalmente Indigena's goal is to have children of color connect with their culture and environment, and encourage higher education.


Maria Omare – The Action Foundation

The Action Foundation (TAF) is working to support children and young people with disabilities in low resource communities to thrive. The organization is setting up a learning and resource centre for children with disabilities at their hub in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa.


Little Oak Sanctuary – Planting Seeds of Compassion

Our project, Planting Seeds of Compassion, aims to produce an education program that taps into children's natural sense of compassion for animals. Framed around empathy, and informed by our experience creating the Be-The-Change booklets, our project will tie in with the Australian school curriculum making it a valuable tool for schools.


Kirsten Chavis – GO GREEN 365 Environmental Training Program

The 'GO GREEN' Youth Earth club aims to teach youth at their school and community to “GO GREEN” through environmental education. Through this project two local Los Angeles Elementary Schools started an annual Spring ‘GO GREEN’ Resource & Recycling Earth Day Event to create awareness and advocate for environmental education.


Kelsey Crowe Ph.D. and Tracy Mulholland – Empathy Short Film

The organization Help Each Other Out will create a short film about empathy intended for wide online distribution. Based on Dr. Crowe's acclaimed Empathy Bootcamps and book There Is No Good Card for This, co-authored with Emily McDowell, the film will display what it really takes to offer empathy in times of suffering.


Karen Fiorito and Alex Arinsberg – Got Drought?

‘Got Drought?’ is a billboard and social media campaign that raises awareness about how animal agriculture wastes water, pollutes the environment and contributes to climate change. This project utilizes visual graphics, social media, and interactive website and billboards to educate people about the effects of animal agriculture on our environment.

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