This winter, we gave an additional $200,000 to 71 of our best projects all over the world.


Wolf Patrol – Wildlife Crimes Unit

Wolf Patrol is a citizen's monitoring project investigating & documenting controversial hunting practices that negatively impact federally protected gray wolves in Wisconsin. Our Wildlife Crimes Unit project is responsible for investigating illegal activities committed against public trust wildlife, and works closely with state and federal law enforcement to help bring poachers to justice.


Vivian Williams-Kurutz – Harlem Wellness Center

The mission of Harlem Wellness Center is to educate, motivate and support life-long healthy living practices in Harlem. Through social engagement, meaningful work, physical activity and economic reinforcement, Harlem Wellness Center supports older adults in combating cognitive decline, loneliness, depression, negative response to life-stressors and physical decline.


Tušti narvai – The Price of Eggs

The Price of Eggs project is an initiative started by Lithuanian animal protection organization "Open Cages". The organization has set out to change this by informing people about this type of factory farming and alternative products while also convincing companies to ditch caged eggs.


Totonga Bomoi – Handcrafted to serve | Created to inspire

This project believes that hope lies in the Congolese people, and that strong families and communities will be the ones to bring peace to the Congo. In 2014, Totonga Bomoi was founded to provide sewing formation, discussion-based business trainings, and employment opportunities to dozens of women throughout northeastern Congo.


Tina Tieu – Keep in Mind

“Keep in Mind” is a documentary that chronicles the lives of 5 mentally ill teens of color. The film challenges social stigma towards mental illness while also encompassing the complexity of being at an intersection of multiple minorities.


The Vegetarian Society of El Paso (VSEP) Jennifer Wright, Liz Walsh – Training the Chefs

Training the Chefs is a project of the Vegetarian Society of El Paso to veganize El Paso. This project will host an educational workshop for local chefs (from restaurants, school lunch programs, a culinary program at the community college, hospitals, and assisted living facilities) on the benefits of a vegan diet so that they can add tasty, hearty, and healthy vegan options to their menus.


Susan Achieng Osiche Founder – Somesha Kike Project

Inua Kike is a community-based organization that seeks to support women who dropped out of secondary school due to early pregnancy, financial constraints and early marriages to further their studies and pursue jobs once they successfully complete the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Exams.



SÜPRMARKT brings affordable organic produce to the people and places that need it most in a weekly pop-up grocery + subscription service. Since starting in 2016, SÜPRMARKT has served up more than 1200 cases of produce.


Same Skies – Refugee Empowerment Project

Same Skies believes in the resilience and resourcefulness of displaced communities, and the need for more empowering, participatory approaches when it comes to refugee protection. Our Refugee Empowerment Programme is an innovative approach to address the immense global challenges that displacement poses today.

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