About the Impact Grant Program

Each year, TPP invites eligible grantees–who have already proven through the Daily Grant program that they produce outsized returns of compassion from relatively small initial investments and are ready to take the next steps in their work–to apply for up to $5,000 in an Impact Grant. 

We believe that this program is vital because we know how important second-round funding can be to early-stage projects and because it serves as a means of deepening our relationships with our grantees. Through this program, we wish to demonstrate to the world the power of individual changemakers to recognize and realize the power that they hold as agents of change. 

We fund projects for many diverse reasons that contribute to our vision for a better world. Some of these include funding projects that achieve real, tangible action; that support goodness and compassion within communities; that show deep alignment with TPP’s own values; and those that demonstrate a ripple effect out into the world in a myriad of positive ways.

Program Objectives

Support Grantee Growth

Support eligible grantees to allow them to apply their creativity and ingenuity to grow their projects to greater heights

Demonstrate Commitment for Grantees

Demonstrate commitment to the grantees as they fulfill unmet needs and where they may not receive funding from other organizations

What Can Up To $5,000 Do in the Impact Grant Program?

Here are some examples:


Number of dogs rehomed annually by a nonprofit committed to social change and the building of socially just relations, on the principles of solidarity, compassion, non-violence, coexistence and sustainable development, by promoting veganism and animal rights in Croatia


Udruga Pobjede/Association Victorias
Project: Compassion And Solidarity Training Polygon

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Number of pounds of produce served to make it easy and affordable for people to eat well no matter where they live, encouraging sustainable, vegan eating in California


Olympia Auset

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Annual community event and multiple pop-up events to bring awareness and understanding to the Việtnamese community, especially that of Queer and Trans, who have been forced to live in fear and silence due to the repercussions of the U.S. war in Southeast Asia in Calfornia


Trang Tran
Project: QTViet Cafe Collective

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Number of children with or without disabilities who learned about social inclusion and non-discrimination through art and workshops in Kenya


Maria Monchari Omare
Project: The Action Foundation

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Mona Yadav - Sahas

“The Pollination Project Impact Grant was the only financial support we received to accomplish the work we envisioned for this year. With folded hands and just gratitude in my heart, I wish to thank everyone at the Pollination Project for listening to our vision and providing this unconditional support, thereby keeping our dream for a world free from gender-based violence, alive. This means a lot to me and everyone at Sahas.”

— Mona Yadav, Sahas Foundation, New Delhi, India

2018 Impact Grant Recipients

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Past Impact Grant Recipients

2017 Impact Grant Awards
2016 Impact Grant Awards
2015 Impact Grant Awards
2014 Impact Grant Awards
2013 Impact Grant Awards
Yawo Agbeko Tsevi & Ama Novinyo Nyaga – Recycling and using urine in farming2019-03-29T14:29:30-07:00
Vegan 30, VegPro, GoVegan, Vegan Talk – Vegan Taiwan team building project2019-03-29T14:39:35-07:00
Vanderpoel School Garden with Gardeneers – Chicago Vanderpoel School Garden2018-03-31T09:42:52-07:00
The Vegetarian Society of El Paso (VSEP) Jennifer Wright, Liz Walsh – Training the Chefs2018-04-03T07:32:17-07:00
Solutionary Species – Solutionary Events – Events To Change The World2018-03-28T16:54:04-07:00
Sole Saburido, Jenn Ungemach & Emily C-D – Somos Semilla. Grow-Harvest-Share: Seeds For Everyone2019-01-30T13:23:31-08:00
Rise Beyond the Reef – Fiji Islands – Economic & Leadership Development for Rural Remote Women2018-03-28T16:32:41-07:00
Onike Shorunkeh-Sawyerr & Karina Mutota – Helping Ourselves Together (HOT)2018-04-08T05:52:18-07:00
Nurel Arriaran, Alma Ochoa, Jasmin Dao – Youth Health Action Alliance2019-03-29T14:32:42-07:00
Niesha, Dawntina, Tabitha, Pat – YWRAP (Young Women Reaching Accomplishable Places)2018-03-31T09:50:29-07:00
Kindred Spirits Care Farm – From killing to caring – butchery room becomes animal clinic2018-03-29T16:38:25-07:00
Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary – Hydroponic crops for Farm Animal Sanctuaries2018-06-06T00:44:53-07:00
José Luis López Carlos – Brigade fighting forest fires. Defense of Nixticuil forest2018-03-31T07:42:16-07:00
Gerardo Tristan /Wotko, Rodrigo Ocampo – El Molcajete ( Food education on wheels)2018-06-06T00:46:28-07:00
Francois Primeau/ Ezooterik Productions – The Age of Beasts: a film about cruelty and compassion2019-04-02T09:02:57-07:00
Eastside Community Garden Emerson, RCGC – Semillas Con Semillas: School Gardening & Seed Saving2018-03-31T08:19:39-07:00
Dr. A. Breeze Harper – Addressing Racial Inequities in Vegan & Animal Rights2018-03-30T11:58:57-07:00
CompassionWorks International – CompassionWorks International’s Go Vegan Initiative2018-04-02T08:35:17-07:00
Black History 101 Mobile Museum – 5th Element Collectors and Curators Society2018-03-27T15:15:29-07:00
A. Bernal and the Arhuacos saving nature – Natural conservancy and restoration in an Indigenous Reserve2018-03-28T15:16:05-07:00

How To Apply For A Grant In This Program

This program is a yearly program dedicated to our current grantees and is therefore closed for public application. However, we still encourage you to apply for a grant through our general seed grant program. Once you do become a grantee with us, you could then qualify for this grant.

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