What is Humane Education

The Pollination Project is proud to work in partnership with The Institute for Humane Education for this Special Initiative Program.  We chose the Institute for Humane Education as a partner in this project because of their steadfast belief that human rights, environmental preservation, and animal protection are integral aspects of a just, peaceful, and healthy world—and that we are all capable of and responsible for creating such a world.  Humane education is a lens, body of knowledge, and set of tools and strategies for teaching about human rightsanimal protectionenvironmental stewardship, and cultural issues as interconnected and integral dimensions of a just, healthy society.

Humane education not only instills the desire and capacity to live with compassion, integrity, and wisdom, but also provides the knowledge and tools to put our values into action in meaningful, far-reaching ways so that we can find solutions that work for all.

Want to hear all that -and more – in video format? Please watch Zoe Weil’s acclaimed TedX Talk, The World Becomes What You Teach.