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lisa shapiro 1964 - 2015The Lisa Shapiro Awards acknowledges the quiet superheroes of the Global Animal Advocacy Movement: people who work humbly behind the scenes, creating a world where animals do not have to suffer at the hands of humans.

On World Vegetarian Day, October 1, 2017, The Pollination Project will give no-strings-attached awards of $2500 each to five animal activists, selected by a diverse team of their peers.

It is our way to acknowledge and uplift the love, commitment and hard work being done on behalf of animals, every day, in every corner of the world. Winners will also receive a “tithe”- a $250 donation made in their honor to any animal charity of their choice, plus a virtual celebration of their work.

The Awards are named in memory of Lisa Shapiro, an Unsung Hero for animals who passed away in June 2015 at the age of 50. Lisa’s legacy includes organizing hundreds of vegan events in her community and beyond, building and promoting vegan lifestyle brands, and inspiring and mentoring hundreds of new vegans over her decades of activism.

Get more inspiration from Lisa here.

Winners Receive

  • Love and appreciation from all over the world!
  • A $2500 no-strings attached gift to be used however they wish.
  • Promotion of their work across many media channels.
  • A $250 donation in their honor to the animal rights or vegan charity of their choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking for:

  • Activists who work tirelessly and passionately as a voice for animals. They receive little if any recognition or glory for their work, yet they are unstoppable in their commitment to a more compassionate world for all beings. We especially look for animal activists who have an “intersectional” approach to their work.
  • People who have received very little, if any, public recognition for their work. They likely have not received awards or media attention and they are not promoting a personal brand.
  • “Selfless” individuals who ask for nothing in return for their dedication to advocating for a more compassionate and just world for all beings. They show humility, a sense of purpose over ego, and desire to serve the greater good above all else.
  • People with a proven track record of commitment to animal advocacy, whose work has stood the test of time.

Here are our tips for writing a great nomination:

  1. Make sure your nominee is really qualified. Read all the FAQs in detail before writing your nomination.
  2. Make your nomination very specific. What makes your nominee special among their peers? Avoid generalizations and platitudes.
  3. Pick a story or two that really demonstrates who your nominee is. Is there a moment or event where the nominee really inspired you? Share that!
  4. Put your heart into it. We are less interested in a formal report about your nominee, and more interested in why you are so passionate about them and their work. We want to feel your love for the person. Submitting a short informal video testimonial can also help convey your enthusiasm for the person. A photo of the person in action will help us get a better sense of who they are so please consider adding these elements to your nomination if possible.

We can only accept nominations from people that you know personally.

We would prefer that you do not nominate your family members if possible.

This award is for those whose life mirrors their commitment to animals, so please only nominate people who you know have been actively vegan for at least a year.

You can only nominate one person. While we know the more rebellious among you will figure out that you can submit more than one nomination through our system, we will only look at your first nomination submitted- so choose wisely!

Please do not tell people you are nominating them, and please do not nominate anyone who knows you are nominating them, or asks you to do so. This is a special surprise and there’s nothing better than telling someone they won when they didn’t even know they were nominated. (And we also don’t want to disappoint anyone who knows they were nominated but didn’t win.)

Nominations are open July 14th to August 14th 2017

While we applaud your self-confidence and desire for recognition, we cannot accept self nominations. If you are working on an animal advocacy project that fits our funding guidelines, we encourage you to apply for a grant instead.

We love our grantees, but they are unfortunately not eligible for the Lisa Shapiro Award. Please confirm your nominee is NOT already a grantee by going to our homepage, clicking on the handy magnifying glass search icon, and entering the person’s name. You will be able to find information about their grant if they are already a grantee.

We are looking to celebrate those whose work has not yet been celebrated or acknowledged widely. If they have been in national media, or have won a national animal rights award, they are not eligible.

We are looking for people who are volunteering their time and not on paid staff at animal rights organizations. However, if their unpaid/non salaried animal rights work is the primary reason for your nomination, feel free to submit a nomination and make sure you focus on their volunteer efforts in your nomination.

2017 Organizational Partners Include