A group of community members, young and old, smile for the camera.

Zollo Nyambu and Safina Okumu, Photography for Life

It is common for youth in Nairobi, Kenya to be exposed to photography at an early age. Photographers will often organize visits to homes or flood the streets capturing the vulnerable condition of children and their lifestyles. The flashing lights and the ability to see themselves in the display screen just seconds after the click of a button captivate the youth. Unfortunately, this is where their exposure to photography ends. To give youth continued exposure photography; Zollo Nyambu and Safina Okumu have created the Photography for Life project.

The project will provide a proper channel for photographers to share their skills and train the children, which will empower and help them to be independent and self-sustainable. Photographers will volunteer their time and skills to teach children in poverty stricken schools, slums and homes. Zollo and Safina will collaborate with journalism clubs in the schools to identify students who are interested in pursuing the arts and media along with youth interested in gaining life skills. There will be exhibitions that showcase and auction the children’s work, of which the proceeds will be used to sustain the project.

“We aspire to make the children realize that formal employment is not the only way to make a living out there in the world and that they can make a living from their talents, gifts and passions.”