Zachary Lager, Access to Water and Family Sector Farming

Grantee Name: Zachary Lager
Project Name: Access to Water and Family Sector Farming
Grant Location: Nguineia, Nhamatanda District, Sofala Province, Mozambi state Mozambique

Funding Partner: Levi Strauss & Co.

Project Description: Local Development Catalyst Network’s (LDCN) sustainable agriculture and community food security project builds off our previous access to water project and promotes improved agriculture production by combining access to sustainable technology, with local farmer knowledge and agroecological extension services in Nguineia, Mozambique. Through a holistic and community centered approach, the goal of LDCN’s project is to demonstrate and subsequently disseminate an agroecological farming model which can improve local production, boost family income, and address child nutrition through a school meal program.