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Yvonne Akoth and Isabella Asenwah, Impart Change

In 2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kenya stated that 30,000 Kenyans currently live and work in Saudi Arabia yet only 17,000 are registered with the Kenyan Embassy. The remaining 13,000 not registered could include young women working as a domestic worker who unbeknownst are undergoing modern day slavery. As an ongoing crisis, large numbers of women end up paying large sums of money to corrupt agencies, believing they are destined for well paying position only to be diverted to what is described as a human warehouse. To bring awareness to this, Yvonne Akoth and Isabella Asenwah have designed the Impart Change project in Nairobi, Kenya.

This project aims at preventing acts of violence committed to young women by reducing the number of female migrants in search of domestic work. To offer support and resources for these women, Impart Change provides safe spaces and workshops that focus on violence prevention and modern day trafficking. As an organization, forty young men and women have been trained on violence towards women and how to champion non-violent, resolution strategies, including the use of graffiti to promote peace.

A seed grant will allow Impart Change to create a documentary that will highlight the problem and how it is being addressed in the community. Workshops will accompany this process where vital knowledge and information will be shared about the recruitment agencies, the risks involved and basic human rights.

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