Yuri Demott Mitzkewich with a dog

Yuri Demott Mitzkewich

Yuri has dedicated his life to making the world a more compassionate place for the non-humans and for us all. As Southeast Outreach coordinator for Vegan Outreach, Yuri spends months at a time on the road leafleting college campuses with the most compassionate, gentle, and comfortable demeanor. I can’t imagine who wouldn’t want whatever he is offering.

When he’s not working for Vegan Outreach, he’s likely to be spending his weekends tabling in South Florida, attending a Sea World protest, or volunteering with a sanctuary like the Rooterville sanctuary where he’s spent many hours caring for the animals, including those rescued after an illegal slaughterhouse was shut down in South Florida. Yuri was at the scene of the illegal operation caring for the animals who could be saved, and then travelled to Rooterville to do all he could to help the very understaffed sanctuary trying to care for the influx of sick animals.

Yuri goes where he is most needed. He seeks no recognition or appreciation for all he does. He’s just out there every day doing all he can for the animals. Yuri is genuine, humble, and embodies so many qualities that all humans, and especially activists, would benefit from emulating. He is gentle, kind, selfless, free of ego and genuinely non-judgmental. Serving others just comes naturally for him, and his whole life is a manifestation of his compassion. He’s an inspiration, and the world should know people like him exist.

Tribute by Tracey Glover, TPP Grantee & Founder, Awakening Respect and Compassion for All Sentient Beings “ARC”