Yeshi Kalsang

Yeshi Kalsang -RaahatforAnimals,Dehradun – Vegan Community & Animal Rights Learning Centre

Vegan Community & Animal Rights Learning Center is a project that offers a community hub for local vegans, the only such hub in Dehradun & the State, at the Raahat Animal Hospital & Recovery Centre in India. It will also help others go vegan by using the community center to attract vegetarians and non-vegetarians, providing them with an opportunity to learn about veganism and animal sentience. The Center will facilitate animal rights and vegan-centered learning by providing animal-centered books, documentaries, and films to educate vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians on vegan advocacy, vegan cooking, reasons for becoming vegan, environmental concerns for meat-based diets, animal behavior, and other animal- centered subjects.

The goal of the project is to create an animal rights community center that offers a safe location to build local vegan solidarity and explore activist strategies, while providing the education, skills, and the necessary support to empower non-vegan individuals to choose a vegan lifestyle.