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Women for Progress

Women for Progress is a community-based organization advocating for women’s rights in Eastern Uganda. The organization works to change culturally-based perceptions of women as inferior to men, with a particular focus on advocating for open-access to education.

Women for Progress’ newest project entails strengthening parents’ roles in protecting their children from unwanted pregnancies, while also empowering female children and teen mothers by providing them with the life skills necessary to make informed decisions. The program currently consists of outreach efforts to primary, secondary, and tertiary centers of learning where Women for Change is coordinating new curriculum in conjunction with teachers and parents, to educate students and their families on unwanted impacts of teen pregnancy.

Outreach efforts also include talks by teen parents and role models to help encourage girls to stay in school. Additionally, the program offers young teen mothers and dropouts from nearby communities with training in computer skills. The initiative ultimately hopes to both increase the retention of female students in schools and reduce high rates of teen pregnancy.

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GRANT AWARD DATE: May 20, 2015

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