Women Development Centre (WODEC)

Women Development Centre (WODEC) – Eco-friendly re-usable sanitary pads

Date grant awarded: 12/14/2017

The Women Development Centre (East Africa) Ltd (WODEC) is a women-led social enterprise in Eldoret, Kenya, which has firmly positioned itself to engage in the development of quality sustainable feminine hygiene for all.

We are dedicated to addressing Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM), in urban areas and slums. Why? Because MHM is as an issue that has been identified by disadvantaged women and girls as a driver of gender inequality and disempowerment in slum areas. We plan to develop a replicable and evidence-based model for delivering re-usable sanitary pads and education to marginalized girls in western Kenya.

We plan to produce quality reusable menstrual kits available for purchase at a subsidized price. These kits will last for 12 months with proper care. Kits include 2 shields, 8 liners, 1 plastic bag, and 1 drawstring backpack for 400 Kenya Shillings per kit, which translates to about $4.00 USD.

These low-cost sanitary pads are high quality and made in small batches. In this enterprise, WODEC will partner with local organizations to train women in producing and distributing soap and the menstrual hygiene kits. The innovative design of the kits uses locally-sourced materials that can last for up to three years, can be washed with little water, and fold out to look like handkerchiefs when drying.

After training, members of the partner organizations become ambassadors for women’s health and hygiene services, providing both products and vital health knowledge at the community level