Wilkister Adema Ahinga, Cowdung Briquettes 2016-08-05T07:46:49+00:00

Wilkister Adema Ahinga, Cowdung Briquettes

A closeup of Wilkister Adema Ahinga is photographed.

Each year in Sub-Saharan Africa, 400,000 deaths occur as a result from poor air quality and respiratory disease from firewood and charcoal utilization. Wilkister Adema Ahinga’s project, Cowdung Briquettes, is dedicated to helping the people from her community in Vihiga, Kenya through workshops on sustainable resources. Wilkister will provide trainings to 50 women on briquette making, alleviating the time spent collecting firewood and providing a source of economic income.

Date grant awarded: August 8, 2016

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