Whitney Saxon - The Letter Project by Project to Love Ourselves kids drawings

Whitney Saxon, Jess McLaughlin – The Letter Project

We send letters of encouragement to girls around the world who are going through a difficult time. Each girl receives 15-20 handwritten letters tailored specifically to her. They illuminate her strengths, encourage her and remind her that we are rooting for her. Our hope is for every girl to know she is not alone, by helping her feel seen, known and understood.

Throughout my 20s, I started seeing a trend: the majority of the women I’d meet were struggling with self-worth. It was manifesting itself in different ways: through loneliness, lack of confidence, negative dating relationships, and eating disorders amongst others. I realized that each of these women was struggling with the same core issue, which was not trusting she is good enough. I wanted to start a movement that could speak to girls about being good enough. My hope is that if we start telling girls at a younger age that they are good enough – just as they are – they will be more confident as adults.

The initial grant was incredible. It was what allowed us to pay for the fees to become a government recognized nonprofit entity. We would – truly – not be where we are today without TPP. After receiving 501(c)3 status, we were able to fundraise. In 2018, we raised almost $40,000! We also used the funds to print marketing materials and update our website, which has helped us tremendously to spread the word of our project. Last year, 35% of our budget was allocated for shipping and letter bundle costs, yet our waitlist is still 1,500+ women long. This money will allow us to send more bundles to girls waiting for love and support. It will also allow us to fundraise and advertise in new ways – just as it did last time. We are passionate about making every penny count and assure you we will make this money go far!

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