Weyula Bernard, Fruit Tree Planting at the Bududa Secondary School 2016-09-19T14:59:50+00:00

Weyula Bernard, Fruit Tree Planting at the Bududa Secondary School

A few years ago, officials at the Bududa Secondary School in Bududa, Uganda removed all the trees surrounding the campus. This decision was made prior to performing Environmental Impact Studies, and unfortunately, they overlooked the fact that the tree cover had previously protected the school from seasonally strong winds and had provided students and faculty with a reprieve from the dry season’s relentless sun.

After witnessing the structural and environmental damage resulting from the removal of trees, Weyula Bernard, a senior and leader of the school’s Environmental Club, decided to take action. Through his project, he is currently organizing a student-led effort to plant fruit trees on the school’s campus. The trees will not only provide protection from the elements, but will also help feed hungry students who cannot afford to eat during the school day.

Weyula has already invited educators from the district’s environmental office to provide instruction on how to care for the plants. Following their visit, Wayula will organize a school Environmental Awareness day where students will learn how to plant and tend the fruit trees. Afterwards, a group of students from each grade level will be charged with caring for the plants.

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