Wendy Campbell - Yoga Practices For Cancer Survivors

Wendy Campbell, Yoga Practices For Cancer Survivors

Date grant awarded: July 27, 2017

Wendy Campbell, cancer survivor, yoga instructor and longtime yoga practitioner, founded Survive & Thrive; an organization located in Naples, Florida dedicated to empowering cancer survivors to reduce physical and mental suffering.

Survive & Thrive programs are based on yoga and mindfulness practices that cultivate freedom, choice and balance. Survive & Thrive provides accessible services to cancer survivors. The program offers classes, workshops, retreats and educational resources including a wellness video library. Most importantly, the program fosters a community of survivorship for those living with, through and beyond cancer.

Survive & Thrive will also work in cooperation with hospitals, clinics and treatment centers to educate caregivers and enhance the care of cancer patients. Traditional cancer care often neglects the mind/body connection. Survive & Thrive wants to make connections and make a difference.