WAGE ART – Self-Love Portrait Project

The Self-Love Portrait Project centers around a series of Circulo styled workshops where project organizers aim to build awareness about how toxic masculinity and femininity impacts their ability to practice self-love, while also providing young people with an opportunity to be featured in a WAGE ART gallery installation about self-love and self-destruction. The Sister and Brother circle also doubles as a writing/posing workshop for emerging artists and is open to people who are ages 14 and up, while the Solidarity circle will include a gallery installation of the portraits and testimonies created during the identity specific circles.

Workshop participants will receive free portraits, tools for wellness and self-care (including smudge sticks, crystal wands and all-natural skin/hygiene remedies). Pollination project funds will allow them to utilize state of the art photo studio equipment, provide vegan lunches, and compensate their young adult allies supporting the WAGE ART Youth Collective!