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Võ Hải, Về Nhà (Returning Home)

From roots in Viet Nam is a visionary leader living out his purpose. In his early 20s,  Võ Hải’s health rapidly deteriorated as a result of poor nutritional choices. Since then, he has dedicated himself to becoming a food justice champion, educating and inspiring thousands of young people to become actively involved in creating a more just and equitable food system.

In 2009, Võ Hải was a Brower Youth Award winner and has since led thousands of young people in workshops on farming, cooking, health, and food justice. His work is grounded in creating a just and equitable world that honors the lives of everyone who is involved in producing our food. His vision is to create a healthier world where the people and the planet are nourished and everyone has the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world.

Võ Hải’s project, Về Nhà (Returning Home) will document Vietnamese farmers, cooks, and food producers who are holding onto and reclaiming traditional food ways that are mindful of the community and ecosystem. The interviews will be transcribed and edited into a Vietnamese People’s Farmers Almanac and Vietnamese People’s Cookbook. To continue in the spirit of cross-cultural opportunities, Võ Hải’s work would also include creating a transnational Vietnam-USA network of individuals implementing food sovereignty work.

Võ Hải is a recipient of a flow fund grant, which will allow him to account for expenses including transportation, media equipment and sustainable printing supplies.

GRANT AWARD DATE: November 2, 2015

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