Van Sam - VietUnity East Bay

VietUnity East Bay – Anti-deportation project: keeping Vietnamese families together

Date grant awarded: 02/25/2018

VietUnity East ‘s anti-deportation project: keeping Vietnamese families together aims to support families and individuals who are facing deportation, in detention center, or have already been deported to Vietnam in the east bay. While going through the deportation process, many individuals and their families need of legal, financial, mental health and physical resources to continue to fight to stay in the U.S. with their loved ones. Through this project, we help Vietnamese families with know your rights workshops and in-language resources, connect them to other resources such as mental and physical health support while fighting against deportation in the form of case management with them. This project mobilizes and organizes the larger Vietnamese community to fight against deportation for all, building greater political unity between all impacted by this inhumane process.