Vida Bonilla

Vida Bonilla, Blooming Expressions Brujx School

Date grant awarded: 3/2/2017

Blooming Expressions came together as a collective in response to the lack of healthy food and alternative medicine options in our communities. It is a collaboration of young community organizers in San Francisco with the mission to provide sustainable solutions to the public in order to improve community health.

Through urban agricultural and medicinal practices, we aim to better the ecosystem of the most underserved neighborhoods using the traditions of our ancestors and sharing these skills with the community.

Through our generous host, PODER, this grant will aid in the training, supplies, and education of members of Blooming Expressions, who will then become community peer educators. Both Tere Almaguer and Pablo will be our guides throughout this learning process.

We believe in the importance of healing our bodies by growing our own food and medicine. We will do so by operating a community farm. Ultimately, our purpose is to provide the neighborhood with an herbal alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Once we have acquired a strong foundation, we will offer accessible community classes to share holistic knowledge. We envision it to be intergenerational.

The intention is to remind the younger generations of San Franciscans of a time in our history when love, inclusion, and diversity were our priorities. We will bring back a sense of community while demonstrating the importance of sustainable health.”