Vic Sjodin

By Thomas Ponce, Lobby for Animals

Vic Sjodin is an amazing person who has committed his life to spreading the message that all life should be respected and valued. He sees the beauty within and the beauty that exists in all life.

Vic has traveled throughout North America, changing the hearts and minds of so many. While spreading his message of compassionate, ethical living he has recruited so many to join him in his efforts along the way. He is out there dealing with both the open minded and the not so open minded, and he does it all with a big ole grin on his face. Since 2008, when Vic started leafleting for Vegan Outreach it is estimated that he has reached in excess of 755,000 people with his leafleting alone, and that does not include the ripple effect from each and every one of his encounters.

Vic is one of the first people I met when I joined Facebook. I stumbled across him when he was selling his shirts; you know the ones with the wording that my mother wouldn’t allow me to purchase? Anyway, I wrote to him and asked him if he had any without the colorful language but with the same message and he immediately wrote back. We chatted for a while online and we’ve been in contact ever since, which by the way, was about 3-4 years ago and I am still waiting on a shirt Vic! I am extremely grateful I stumbled on him because he is a tremendous inspiration to me and a great friend.

I am always impressed, moved and inspired by Vic’s actions and his never give up attitude. I have seen him go through the ups and downs that life can bring and watched him fight and rise to continue on his path with the strength of man driven by a purpose. Vic Sjodin has many followers and many fans, people moved by the passion in his words. He has spoken at schools, conferences and within communities offering help to all who need it. Vic is without a doubt the definition of an unsung vegan hero, an animal rights and vegan activist, but more importantly than any of those titles, Vic is a wonderful human being and I feel honored to call him my friend.

Congratulations my friend. I wish you happiness and love in the years to come and may you continue on your journey doing what fills your heart with contentment and keeps you smiling.