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Vegan 30, VegPro, GoVegan, Vegan Talk – Vegan Taiwan team building project

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Chiapei (Jessi) Chang
Project Name: Vegan30
Grant Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Funding Partner: Open Philanthropy Project

Project Description: Vegan30 has been doing weekly demonstration on busy streets in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Along with VegPro, they have hosted many first-ever events in Taiwan including the first NARD-like animal memorial day, the first animal rights march, and the first Mr. and Ms. Vegan Taiwan Contest, as well as various vegan meet-ups and internal trainings for vegan advocates. They also have a big social media presence, which includes the most famous Taiwanese vegan YouTuber duo, GoVegan, and the most substantial online video platform for the Chinese speaking community, Vegan Talk. They constantly produce high quality videos with creative content to introduce veganism!

The next step is to build a network system for support and training purposes, to empower and inspire more young advocates to become influential speakers for animals.