Vanessa Soto, Nakanyonyi Nutrition Plan

Near the Nile River, facing Lake Victoria in Uganda, Nakanyonyi Primary School sits on a hill.  Despite the proximity to the river and lake, the community suffers from a lack of water due to the low water pressure on the hill. The school has a high population of over 2,500 students that flock to it every day, and every child is provided with the minimum cup of porridge to eat, but this of course is not enough to provide them with adequate nutrition, leading them to suffer from malnourishment.

Bagatya Robert, the head of the Science department at the School and member of the Village Health Team, has been very active in the community. Two years ago, he survived a deadly taxi accident that left him with a broken leg and a long list of health problems. During his recovery process, Robert developed ideas for improving his own health and the community, creating the Nakanyonyi Nutrition Plan. Vanessa Soto began working with Bagatya as a Peace Corps Volunteer to help Bagatya implement a plan for the school to grow their own food to supplement student meals.

The Nakanyonyi Nutrition Plan involves creating a garden where youth and volunteers help grow nutritious food. The school will also collect rain water and use it as an irrigation method to grow crops, such as moringa fruit, greens, carrots, and grain amaranth for added nutrition to the feeding program.

To learn more about Nakanyonyi Nutrition Plan, visit their Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 12, 2015