Vandana Agarwal- Happy Hospitals

Vandana Agarwal is an artist and long-time volunteer with Manav Sadhna, an organization that uplifts underprivileged youth through love operating the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India and with Gramshree, an organization that supports women artisans to be agents of change in their communities.  Her new project, Happy Hospitals, is an effort to create hospital environments that emit positivity and hope by bring in lively art and inspiring crafts. Vandana says she and her fellow volunteers would like to inspire smiles in the patients and their loved ones in their difficult times, and also hope that the loving intention we put into the art ripples forward and helps in their healing process.

Happy Hospitals will paint joyful, nature and positivity inspired paintings, either directly on
walls or on large surfaces which can be framed and hung on the walls. Additionally, they will  Hand-paint and make frames with positive quotations. These quotation frames can
be changed daily in every room, which will allow the patient and their loved ones to read
and contemplate on a new thought every day.