Ursula Gayou Esteva teaching to a group of male students - More Young Men For Equality

Ursula Gayou Esteva, More Young Men For Equality

Date grant awarded: 06/13/2017

Funded by Maria Elena, Sergio and Ursula; IIPSIS is a non-profit organization aimed to improve the living conditions of local young people, through social initiatives in Queretaro, México. Since globally men are most likely to be related to killing, both as perpetrators and victims, developing actions towards creating a culture of peace inherently involves the participation of young men. Therefore, in 2017, our first violence and crime prevention strategy was to start the project “More young men for equality”.

Here we organize retreats, workshops and recreational activities to inspire young men to develop a sense of commitment to the peace-building process in their communities. We believe that men also need opportunities to explore and appropriate feminism proposals on their own terms, since patriarchy has also curtailed their identities and full growth, and quite often, via gender practices turns them into their own oppressors.