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Udruga Pobjede/association Victorias – Dog shelter – compassion and solidarity training polygon

We are an nonprofit organization, which is committed to social change and the building of socially just relations, on the principles of solidarity, compassion, non-violence, coexistence and sustainable development, by promoting veganism and all animal rights. Our mission is to contribute to dignified life of all living beings, in accordance with their needs and nature. We also help animals directly – by running a local dog-shelter and rehoming more than 350 dogs annually. The dog shelter turned out to be a great place for building social capital and teaching solidarity and compassion to our community – throughout our programs and activities. This project will help us improve our shelter infrastructure, to become better and more effective arena for training solidarity and compassion, and in the same time it will provide better conditions for 180 dogs living in the shelter at any time.

We believe that nonviolence is not a goal, but rather a path/way and a stance we need to take/choose, and reflect it in our simple, everyday life, in order to be authentic. Our society is based on the principles and the idea of supremacy, which is, we believe, the root of all what is wrong with the world. Harmony, sustainability and social justice can be achieved only when we abandon the principle of supremacy and embrace the principles of solidarity and compassion instead. Our society’s relationship toward animals, especially ones we raise for food, is the best manifestation and indicator of our violent, unsustainable and alienated principles. We genuinely believe that peace begins on our plates, and scientists confirm, without a doubt, that environmental sustainability certainly does. We want to raise awareness, calling people to action and supporting them to align their behavior with their values, starting with their food choices. Going to the local animal shelter may certainly be that little push, needed for the shift of consciousness and making the connection :).

The initial seed grant helped us improve technically, which enables us to be more effective and to rise our visibility. With the technical equipment we bought we are able to improve our street actions, our events and our educational activities. Also, we are able to improve our video production which is very important for rising our visibility and impact, especially on social media.

We are running a successful and one of the most recognizable animal shelters in the country, and it has also shown to be a great arena for people to train and build up their compassion and solidarity capacities. by improving it’s infrastructure we will be able to improve our programs in the shelter, make it more appealing, and increase our visibility and impact we are making throughout our programs and activities in the shelter. This type of infrastructural investment will also have a direct positive impact on the lives of animals in the shelter, and will improve their quality of life, since it is conceived as a multipurpose object.

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