participants in an inner circle doing sessions of Trauma healing in Likoni Mombasa, Kenya with a community facilitator who is Tumu Nzaro.

Tumu Nzaro – Trauma and Film

Looking at the alarming rate of unhealed trauma in my community and the violence extremism, which leads to unstable families and poor family cohesion. As a result, Mombasa, Kenya has been flooded with juvenile gangs and drug addicts.

I, Tumu Nzaro, have had a concern that if nothing is done to offer psychosocial support to heal trauma, then future generations are at the verge of living a poor lifestyle. I have identified an innovative intervention – Trauma and Film. Trauma and Film is a psychosocial support offered to youths who have been directly, or indirectly, traumatized. The project will use filming to capture ones progress, which will support in the process to reduce and heal trauma.

The project will be spearheaded by me and youths because they are the primary people who are affected. My inspiration to advocate and heal people through psychosocial support groups comes from my brother.