Tumla Suleyman

Tumla Suleyman – Reusing waste automobile tires to generate income

Tumla Suleyman is the founder of the project, Reusing Waste Automobile Tires to Generate Income, located in Nkambe, Cameroon. This project is a sustainable waste management/business venture that aims at reducing environmental pollution caused by waste tires found in the environment and turning them into an income generating raw material. Managing waste sustainably is one of the most challenging phenomenons faced by most communities in Cameroon and the world. Waste automobile tires make up over 30% of industrial waste in Nkambe town. While a few of them are often disposed by incineration which causes a lot of pollution, others are thrown in the environment, which continues to pollute water sources.

The intention is to sensitize the population of Nkambe on more sustainable ways of disposing waste automobile tires by reusing them to make furniture such as tables, stools, and tables. This is an incredibly innovative idea that can generate income for unemployed youths as well as take care of waste in their surroundings to maintain a healthy environment. The Pollination Project grant will go towards writing materials, paints and glass, and will also help Tumla rent a projector for presentations.