True Feelings: Personal Narrative Workshop for Coler

Coler Nursing-and-Rehabilitative Facility is a rehabilitation center for residents of Roosevelt Island in New York. Many of Coler’s residents are African American men who were shot while they were selling drugs. These men all have impactful stories.

True Feelings: Personal Narrative Workshop for Coler is a personal-narrative workshop for residents affected by gun violence. Black American males are confronted with a barrage of messaging that says they’re dangerous and destined for prison. By becoming creative agents of their own stories, these men can move beyond reductive identities like “drug dealer” or “handicapped person” and move toward healing.

Powerful samples of the participants’ work will be presented in a bound anthology. Having their words and images transformed into a professionally-printed book assures them that they are serious writers and artists with something important to say.

To learn more about True Feelings: Personal Narrative Workshop for Coler, visit their website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: December 28, 2015