Troy Kindy - The Commission for Elder Abuse and Neglect Specialists

Troy Kindy, LCSW; Jill Williams; Joan Laguzza, MSW,; Dr. Katie Drago, M.D.; Jennifer Richards, RN; Alisha DeVogele – The Commission for Elder Abuse and Neglect Specialists

Date grant awarded: 11/01/2017

Troy Kindy is a licensed clinical social worker and the founder of The Commission for Elder Abuse and Neglect Specialist, an Oregon based nonprofit that provides education, training, and advocacy in elder abuse and neglect in the context of dementia. The leadership of the organization is composed of dedicated clinicians and professionals who have long recognized that education and training in dementia-specific elder abuse and neglect issues is scant, despite the fact that those with a cognitive impairment are at much greater risk for abuse and neglect than cognitively intact older adults. Their project raises awareness and provides education and training to professionals and clinicians in issues related to abuse and neglect specific to dementia, including how to recognize, assess and respond to abuse and neglect when the victim of abuse has dementia. Their educational and training efforts target medical and mental health professionals, law enforcement, and state prosecutors.