Tod Emko and Andrea Gordon, A Piggy’s Tale-Spanish

 Tod Emko and Andrea Gordon want their comic book heroes — a three-legged dog, a cat and a Latina with a disability — to make their debut in Spanish.

“They fight against bullying, they teach equality, forgiveness, mercy, and love to all,” Tod said. “All the characters are subtly vegan, the dogs eating V-Dog vegan dog food, and the main character’s spiritual guide is an angel form of a farmed pig. We have gotten beautiful feedback from children, at least one of whom says she will now remain vegan for the rest of her life.”

Already printed in English, Tod and Andrea want the comics, called “A Piggy’s Tale” to be printed in Spanish and distributed throughout South America, starting with the Galapagos.

Funds from the Pollination Project will help print a Spanish version of the comic.

For more information on A Piggy’s Tale, visit their Facebook and Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: November 12, 2014