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Tina Tieu - Keep in Mind

Tina Tieu, Keep In Mind

Date grant awarded: 3/10/2017

“Keep in Mind” is a documentary that chronicles the lives of 5 mentally ill teens of color. Directed by Tina Tieu and produced by Adriana Valladares, it was conceived from the absence of cinema which portrayed neuroatypicals in a positive and human light. Thus, the project was born.

The film challenges social stigma towards mental illness while also encompassing the complexity of being at an intersection of multiple minorities. Riveting and strikingly raw, it addresses issues such as healthcare inaccessibility, racial disadvantages, LGBTQ+ policies, and the unspoken multidimensions of the human soul.

A film, the first of its kind with a purpose to inspire, educate, and uplift.

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