Tina Mohandas - Liberation for All

Tina, Debarati – Liberation for All

‘Liberation for All’ (LFA) is a series of live music and dance events envisioned by writer, musician and animal rights activist, Tina Mohandas. With the help of fellow musician and activist, Debarati Das, the team intends to organise pro-animal liberation events across the Indian subcontinent, the first of which is scheduled for May 25th, 2018, at Phoenix Market City in Pune. Determined to use their talent to raise awareness for animal rights, this endeavour is an extension of the ‘Vegan India Movement’ and FIAPO’s ‘Living Free’ in Pune.

Its mission is threefold: to encourage and advocate for the liberation of oppressed animals; to spur the emancipation of India’s citizenry from the shackles of social conditioning; and to raise awareness on the negative environmental impacts of the animal agriculture industries. India is home to a number of ancient traditions that emphasise compassion and peaceful coexistence. Unfortunately, these virtues are often overlooked when one’s dietary and lifestyle choices come into question. Through colourful performances involving live music, flash mobs, an enthusiastic team of volunteers, and hours of animal advocacy outreach, LFA hopes to bring compassion back to the forefront and shape a kinder world for all earthlings.