The Wild Buffalo Defense Collective – Wild Buffalo Defense

Wild Buffalo Defense is a collective of native and non-native organizers based in the shared territory near Yellowstone National Park. The two Yellowstone buffalo herds are the last free ranging, genetically pure, plains buffalo herds in the United States. These buffalo are decedents of the 23 buffalo that hid in Yellowstone National Park during the mass buffalo slaughter of the 1800s. The U.S. government and expanding settler populations conducted this slaughter with the explicit purpose of driving buffalo to extinction and starving the indigenous people of the plains. Members of the collective put their bodies on the line to stop the slaughter of wild buffalo and raise awareness of how buffalo management continues the legacy of government-backed genocide against native people. They advocate for the expansion of habitat for wild buffalo onto federal land and stolen treaty territory. Through their work, they hope to close Yellowstone’s Stephens Creek slaughter facility and create a corridor from Yellowstone National Park to the Canadian border where buffalo can once again roam free on the plains.

This Pollination Project seed grant will allow their organization to purchase paint, banner, and the materials needed to silk screen shirts. They will continue to do the outreach needed to reach a broader audience with their campaign. Funds will also help provide transportation for native students who are interested in participating in their campaign.