The Radical Vegan - The privilege talk

The Liberation League – The Privilege Talk

Malvika Uma Raghavan, a fourth year Law student, is a passionate advocate for animal liberation, an avid debater and an active member of the Gender Studies Cell at Indian Law Society’s Law College, Pune. Founder of the grassroots animal rights community The Radical Vegan, she is dedicated to advocate the abolition of the use of non-human animals by way of peaceful and educational vegan advocacy to help the citizens of India make more ethical, sustainable and informed choices.

True to their beliefs, the community are pro-intersectionality and do not promote or propagate/conduct campaigns which perpetuate any kind of existing social injustice against any marginalized group. She conducted a lecture called “The Privilege Talk” at her law college on speciesism and its interactions with sexism and racism for the Gender Studies Cell.

After the immense success of this talk, she decided to start this project of The Privilege Talk series to host and conduct lectures in the city of Pune and other cities of India. Being a law student, she sees the potential in bringing attention to unseen and unnoticed behaviors to educate the younger generation to help them make informed choices to create social change.