Mithra Foundation, Rural Mushroom Co-Operative for HIV+ Indian Women

The Mithra Foundation, Rural Mushroom Cultivation for HIV+ Indian Women

The Mithra Foundation is a non-profit organization and social action group working to empower local Indian women and children in the Trichy and Cuddalore districts of Tamil Nadu, India. Since 1993, the Mithra Foundation has helped local women with HIV start a wide variety of income-generating enterprises. Additionally, the organization has been involved in administering Reproductive Health seminars to local women in conjunction with several other international non-profits.

In their most recent endeavor, Mithra is helping rural day laborers, widows, and HIV positive women establish mushroom farming co-operatives in six different villages throughout the Cuddalore district. Through the project, over 25 women will be provided with start-up capital for the purchase of land and materials. They women will receive training in mushroom cultivation by renowned educators from nearby universities. The Mithra Foundation’s mushroom cultivation project will ultimately serve as an important source of sustainable income for participants.

For more information, please visit the Mithra Foundation’s Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: April 6, 2015