The International Greeners – Outdoor Classroom Urban Garden

We would like to address the issue of the food desert problem in our area by creating an outdoor classroom garden in which middle school-age students will be taught through hands-on project-based methods about seed sprouting, vegetable gardens, hydroponics, healthy nutrition, sustainability, self-responsibility, and instill an appreciation for natural resources. At first, our students will become aware of urban farming, develop their gardening skills, and become knowledgeable of the environmental issues at hand. In the long term, our students will become experts in sustainable urban farming and ambassadors and activists in their own communities. We would like our students to transfer that knowledge into their homes, to subsequently create practical changes that will generate opportunities for the development of local microgreen economies in their communities.

We are an international group of science, art, and math teachers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who work with a wide range of students with different backgrounds within a language immersion program. We believe that as educators we should be able to teach beyond the content area to address the social, cultural, and economic issues that affect our students. With the support of The Pollination Project, we’ll be able to start our project and extend it beyond our students in a ripple effect to have a positive effect in our local communities.