Barbara Miller - Children Run Better Unleaded

The Children Run Better Unleaded project – Children Run Better Unleaded

Date grant awarded: October 28, 2018

The Children Run Better Unleaded project is the only proactive lead health intervention taking place in the nations largest lead Superfund site, encompassing 1500 square miles and spanning two states. The primary goal of this project is to educate citizens in the Silver Valley about lead poisoning and lead efforts to eradicate lead from Kellogg, Idaho.

The Pollination Project grant helps fund an important program from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry called soilSHOP, which stands for Screening, Health, Outreach, and Partnerships. The soilSHOP program will help individuals learn whether their soil is contaminated with lead, and how they can reduce their exposure to contaminated soil and produce. This will enable the SVCRC to educate, test, and develop an ongoing program to reduce lead exposure within the 1500 square miles.

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