The Association for the Promotion of Development Activities- International, the Agou Agroforestry Program

The Association for the Promotion of Development Activities- International, (APAD-International) is a youth-led organization that promotes and protects the environment through sustainable development. APAD-International’s initiatives empower youth across the globe by providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to build environmentally sustainable futures.

Through their current Agou Agroforestry program, ADAP-International is helping local communities members in Agome Tomegbe, Togo, cope with environmental devastation caused by global climate change. Although Agou remains one of Togo’s most diverse forested areas, intensive agricultural development over the past few decades has resulted in widespread soil degradation, rising temperatures, and longer dry seasons.

The Agou Agroforestry initiative will provide local communities and agriculturalists with training in sustainable agroforestry techniques to decrease their reliance on intensive commercial agriculture. Additionally, through their program, ADAP volunteers will provide workshops to local youth at 5 secondary schools throughout the district. Following the workshops, local students will participate in reforestation campaigns in the Agou Mountain region where large swathes of the forest have been cut down.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 25, 2015