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The Abracadabra Foundation – The Abracadabra Foundation

The Abracadabra Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that targets economically and socially challenged high school girls. Abracadabra envisions a world where one’s start does not predict their finish, a world where every young girl, especially those challenged economically and/or socially, is able to reach their full potential and transform into their best self. Abracadabra believes that one moment can transcend circumstances, one moment can change the course of your life, and one moment can last a lifetime.

Their mission is to transform the lives of young girls by creating impactful, memorable, and life-changing experiences and programs that motivate, inspire, and enable young women to dream bigger and work harder than ever to achieve those things which were once unimaginable, unattainable and beyond their reach. They accomplish this through four programs: the Abracadabra Prom Project, College Tour, Mentoring Retreat, and Scholarship.