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Two women place organic compost into a hole

Terry Otiende, Black Gold Farm Manure

Landfills are an eclectic composition of products ranging from outdated décor and broken records to food waste and takeout containers. In Busia County, Kenya, Terry Otiende sees these spaces as an opportunity for employment and environmental sustainability. As a recent recipient of a flow fund, Terry has established Black Gold Farm Manure, a project that employs the poor to recycle organic waste while reducing methane emissions, ultimately creating compost for smallholder farmers that yield increased harvests.

The project will create job opportunities for twenty, out of school, non-employed youth to produce natural fertilizers out of organic, peri-urban waste. Furthermore it will increase local farm revenues, improve nutritional intake and reduce the amount of solid waste.

One of our field staff notes that, “Black Gold Farm Manure is innovative. It has seen and grabbed at the potential of resources that are found in a local community.”


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