Teri Schmidt - Stronger to Serve Kindness Marathon

Teri Schmidt – Stronger to Serve Kindness Marathon

Stronger to Serve’s Kindness Marathon after-school program develops kids into strong, compassionate leaders by inspiring them to get active physically and be in service to their communities. During each session, participants will strengthen their bodies, minds, and hearts. They will run toward the amazing goal of completing 26.2 miles, learn community needs through storybooks, complete kindness and service projects, and reflect on their actions. By learning about many different ways that they can express kindness, they will have opportunities to find their “giving passion” that will help establish lifelong kindness habits.

This Global Kindness Grant will help fund storybooks and service project supplies. It will also help to amplify participants’ learning by supporting a video series that will highlight the participants’ efforts and share them more broadly, spreading happiness, compassion, joy, and love in the world.