Teresia Wambui Ngugi - Tunza Talanta Foundation

Teresia Wambui Ngugi, Tunza Talanta Foundation

Date grant awarded: 3/15/2017

Tunza Talanta is a foundation that is located in Nairobi, Kenya and its main aim is to bring ttogether youths who are interested in sports. The Founder, Wambui Ngugi is a development practitioner who believes in promoting activities that will lead to socio-economic gains for the youth. The organization’s key interest is in youth at the grass root level mainly because availability and access to recreational facilities is almost impossible from any of these young people.

The foundation believes that the most appropriate way to enhance opportunities for the youth to participate in organized sports is not by starting another small program, but by strengthening a carefully selected portfolio of partner programs which can be under this wider umbrella. Through strategic financial investments, the involvement of young leaders, and networking opportunities, the Foundation will have a catalytic effect on the ability of these programmes to accomplish their mission in this field while increasing collaboration and reducing competition between programs. So far the foundation has successfully held tournaments for the physically challenged youth to ensure that they are also a part of our society.