Ojomo T.K. Nok-Itomi

Tehu Kuma Nok-Itomi – Tribz.Bio/ Okobi.Life Black-Turtle Provisions Co-op Project

Date grant awarded: October 22, 2018

OKOBI.LIFE Black-Turtle Provisions Cooperative is a Free Operation Organic Distribution & Supply (F.O.O.D.S) initiative of The Tropical Rainforest Institute of Belize (TRIBZ.BIO). OKOBI.LIFE recognizes that for ultimate food security, it is important to watch food grow from seed to fruition. Their cooperative model facilitates opportunities for indigenous and marginalized women and girls throughout Belize to engage in a harmonious fusion of increased wellness, capacity building and socioeconomic advancement.

In addition, they use KATSA-I pesticide free indigenous gardening methods for high yield/minimal space cultivation & environmentally ethical trading networks to distribute organic produce to their local community.