Taylor Golden, Taylor’s Dance Closet

Who says children can’t make a difference? At only seven years old, Taylor Golden is already making a impact in her community for less fortunate children. With her mother’s help, Taylor created the non-profit organization, Taylor’s Dance Closet and is committed to collecting and distributing gently used dance shoes (tap, ballet, jazz) for free to help children in Los Angeles County who want to dance but can’t afford to buy the shoes.

When Taylor was three years old she wanted to dance but due to financial hardships, she had to wait more than a years for her mother to be able to afford her dance classes, outfits and shoes. The shoes were the most expensive and the hardest item for her mother to purchase, and as a result, Taylor was inspired to create Taylor’s Dance Closet. to help provide others with dance shoes.

Her goal is to help give kids access to the art of dance without the barrier of financial stress on their parents.

“I want to help girls and boys, who don’t have a lot of money, get gently used dance shoes so they can go to dance class. This inspired me to start Taylor’s Dance Closet.” – Taylor Golden

To learn more about Taylor’s Dance Closet, check out her Facebook.

GRANT AWARD DATE: December 29, 2015