Tayler Miranda Marquez - Ma Monasita Kanda

Tayler Miranda Marquez and Luis Carlos – Ma Monasita Kanda

Ma Monasita Kanda was founded by Tayler Miranda Marquez in San Basilio Palenque, Colombia. This organization works to guard the culture, heritage, and traditional music of Palenque by ensuring it is passed from generation to generation. San Basilio de Palenque is known as a corner of Africa in Colombia, as it was founded by escaped slaves in 1603 and still maintains its African heritage and culture that has been passed down for the past four hundred years.

The inspiration of this group comes from older generations who made sure to pass down the importance of the music and culture, ensuring that it does not get lost. In addition, the youth have inspired the organization with their musical talents, abilities, and desires to continue passing on their traditions.