Tariq Tarey and Amanda Erin - dis[place]d: seeking refuge

Tariq Tarey and Amanda Erin – dis[place]d: seeking refuge

“dis[place]d: seeking refuge” is a two-part project that hopes to build empathy and understanding of and between two communities that have little contact: refugees and rural people, specifically in Tuscarawas County, Ohio — the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The project launched with an exhibit that showcased simple and humanizing portraits of individual refugees, taken in refugee camps and in Columbus, Ohio.

Through this project, a documentary will be made through videos, photos and (hi)stories of people in the area, inviting them to excavate their own ancestral history to find their own stories of arrival. The project will highlights the commonalities between the stories of refugees today and of rural people ancestrally, for the purpose of situating the migration patterns of today within a long history of forced migration. Through this project, rural communities will be invited to have a better understanding of refugees and invites them into a narrative that some have forgotten is shared, common ground.