Tara Fuller, Head Talk Entrepreneur-Leadership Program

Tara Fuller is CEO and founder of  Every Head Counts, a nonprofit organization she created over 8 years ago to support at risk youth in Dallas who were facing social, behavioral and emotional issues. With the support of her mentor, Tara was able to successfully graduate high school one year early. Her life experiences of being a teen parent, growing up in a high poverty, high crime neighborhood, and having to live in move around as a child, more than prepared her to pay it forward and reach out to young people.

Tara and partner, Ira Fuller Jr., recently designed Head Talk Entrepreneur -Leadership Program (Head Talk), a mentoring program designed to offer entrepreneurship, leadership service learning and character development to deter students age 13-18 from a lifestyle of crime, poverty, depression and lack of education. This program will offer participants an opportunity to enroll into a shared learning environment where they will be taught the fundamentals of barbering, styling and makeup application, salon management, operation procedures and how to create a salon/barber shop business plan. 

The Pollination Project Grant will help Tara and 9 volunteers launch a six week pilot of Head Talk this school year.

For more information please visit their Website and Gofudme Campaign.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 12, 2015