Tansi Godwill Tansi

Tansi Godwill Tansi and Jitiz Louis – Empowering Poor Landless Farmers in Bana Village, Cameroon

Tansi Godwill Tansi is an environmental, climate, and sustainability activist passionate for a greener planet and the Founder/Executive Director of ECODAS-Cameroon, a registered non-governmental and non-profit organization committed to finding sustainable solutions to problems faced by the underprivileged rural and environmentally delicate communities in Cameroon. After working with grassroots communities in Cameroon for over 7 years, Tansi developed an understanding to the problems these communities face. He is inspired to work towards a planet in which sustainable development is inclusive; that is not leaving any community or people behind. His project, Empowering Poor Landless Farmers, has a goal to ensure food security, improve nutritional status, redress poverty, and improve the relationship that landless, marginalized, and poor farmers have with the environment through organic vegetable production.

This project will mobilize 30 landless and poor farmers living Below the Poverty Line (BPL) in the Bana village into a producer cooperative provide them with essential vegetable production inputs including quality seeds, organic fertilizer and farm equipment for them to start organic farms while providing them with standard training on sustainable vegetable production, group management, accountability and market-related information. The project makes use of participatory extension approaches like the farmer field schools and the formation of producer group to ensure the success and sustainability of project interventions beyond the project phase.